Rainy River Fishing Report

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October 1st, 2019:

Despite the wind and cold this group went out fishing and ended up catching 62 fish!  They even got some slot fish with the biggest in the high 20s.  They said it was an awesome day of fishing.

September 7th, 2018:

Our group of 6 guys from Wisconsin are back for their yearly sturgeon trip.   We talked to one of the guys in the afternoon and they had 3 on at once.  After that one of the guys caught a 47 inch sturgeon to keep.  Their trip is starting out great.  They also caught some suckers.

We had another group that had been targeting walleyes for awhile.  They had a few rain days but managed to find some walleyes with the biggest one being 23 inches that we heard of.  

We have heard that it can be hit and miss in the Rainy River for walleyes.  Our temperatures have been pretty cool with the nights in the mid 40s hoping that helps push the shiners and walleyes into the river more.

September 1st, 2019:

We have a group that is fishing sturgeon and have been able to find a couple of keepers despite the crazy weather.  We have 2 guys that have been targeting walleyes and said that drifting on the river has been the best.  

It is starting to feel like fall outside!  This means that we are getting closer to shiners moving into the river with the walleyes following them.  

We hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day weekend!  We still have openings for fall fishing.

May 15th, 2019:

Grant’s sister Trina caught her first sturgeon on the Rainy River.  It took her about an hour to get it in while dealing with rain and wind.  We have heard of some nice walleyes being caught in the river also.

April 2nd, 2019:

Sounds like jigging for walleyes has been tough and that some people are having good luck pulling crank baits against the current.  We have heard of a few sturgeon being caught.  The water clarity is still normal and our guests did say they have not seen any muddy water.  Let's hope with these cold temps that the forks don't break loose until the end of the catch and release season for walleye.


April 1st, 2019:

On Saturday some groups said fishing was slow and other groups caught 75-80 fish for 2 people.  We have heard of a few nice mid to upper 20 inch fish being caught.  Sunday we just had a few groups that fished and said it was tough.  It seemed to be better when the sun was shining and later in the evening.